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Girls High School Program

IE Rain Basketball has a dedicated Girls High School Basketball program designed to prepare young women with the skills necessary to compete at a college level.

Our athletes consistently earn scholarships to prestigious universities and have a wonderful basketball career

Every High School Basketball Team for girls participates in tournaments twice per month where they will test their skills, teamwork, decision making, and compete. 

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Girls High School Basketball Teams

The Girls High School Team Program includes:

  • Team Practices with our professional coaches where our athletes are taught the fundamentals of teamwork, discipline, ball movement, team defense, offensive play execution and much more. 
  • Speed. strength & agility training where our athletes are able to develop their athletic abilities, improve conditioning and get prepared for the physicality of the game.
  • Basketball tournaments where our athletes are able to showcase their skills, build their team chemistry, gain playing experience and improve as a basketball player.
  • Under Armour Program: Upper level teams will compete in UA Rise & Futures Tournaments.


Mondays & Wednesdays

Contact for exact dates

Teams are divided by grade. Placement will be based on skill level and experience.

Girls high school basketball team at their team practice.
Girls high school basketball team at their team practice.